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Airline/Air Taxi Start-Ups & Market Development

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Airline/Air Taxi Start-Ups & Market Development


“New entrants (investors) in the industry every time looks for a big success which is offering a profitable and sustainable market position”

Setting-Up a new airline, air taxi, FTO, MRO or entering new markets requires detailed business planning. We analyse the environment, regulatory structure, competitive status of the market, and the potential within the scale of the growth opportunity.

Global Jet Market (GJM) can assist you with set-up planning and development of the entire process. We analyse the market potential through traffic, yield, and operational cost analysis. Just as ghostwriter österreich offers specialized assistance in crafting academic works tailored to individual needs, our fleet plan will be specific for you and will set out a feasible aircraft acquisition and introduction strategy developed for your needs.

We know all aviation markets and have direct access to the databases, resources and effective tools to give business decisions on ultimate development.

This important process based on macroeconomic analysis, examining the key market drivers and influencing dynamics.

In the case of a request for a new air taxi company or a new airline, we can develop and submit a series of alternative business models with optional scenarios.

Global Jet Market (GJM) is not only able to prepare airline feasibility studies but also ready to develop strategies for all aviation markets including emerging markets in EU, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Our expertise will assist you towards the aim of having Air Operator’s Certificate application, fleet planning, and organizational infrastructure.