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Government Advisory Support

Governments need business perspective & consultancy supports from time to time on specific projects. The changing tendencies of aviation sector are a challenge for all governments. These challenges include financial situations, changing international policies, trends in tourism growth, modified safety and security standards in aviation industry.

Global Jet Market (GJM) is supporting governments and their state agencies on the establishment of aviation policy making process, market analysis, financial modelling and advises on airport/airline privatisations, and acquisitions.

Our team has a strong understanding of governmental processing and offering turn-key solutions for bilateral and multilateral market issues (competition) etc.

We are fully experienced at international regional, national and local government levels in EU and MENA.

Our professional services for governments include:

Aviation policies & long term strategy development;

  • Airline and airport management & start-up consultancy
  • Tourism studies with aviation strategy ;
  • Bilateral and regional agreement process;
  • Global and domestic aviation market analysis;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Economic & Financial modelling