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Feasibility Studies & Investment Analysis

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Feasibility Studies & Investment Analysis


The aviation market is sharply influenced by trends in markets, global capital movements, financial traffic, capacity shortages and increasing demands of aviation sectors

As experienced professionals in the aviation industry, Global Jet Market (GJM) provides turn-key solutions to investors focusing on emerging opportunities in aviation sector.

We are aiming to take active place in the process that is providing a solid consultancy with realistic business plans and evaluation analysing for prospects. Our expertise in the aviation industry has helped many institutions, agencies & major investment houses to make the right decision.

Global Jet Market (GJM) offers:

  • Aviation Feasibility studies;
  • Aircraft Comparison Studies
  • Mergers & acquisitions;
  • Projecting investment opportunities
  • Legal Advisory services
  • International and local aviation market briefings for investors
  • Due diligence process
  • Future Forecasting with reviews and case studies