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Business Plan Development


“Any start-up should know where it wants to be in the next 10 years and should have a strategic plan of how to get there.”

Business planning is a target which is focusing on an up-to-date based on real-time results, developments & industry trends.

Our team is highly experienced in the field of air taxi set up processing, airline business planning; and towards that aim; we can create business plans for different operators.

We are ready to offer niche strategies to execute your project with critical business decisions within the target time frame.

For new Start-Ups these strategies covers;

  • Project planning & Implementation schedule
  • Air Traffic analysis, Route network and schedule
  • Fleet plan and aircraft selection
  • Budget planning
  • Human Resources planning
  • Aircraft acquisition strategy (lease or buy)
  • Aircraft financing strategy & solutions

All Aviation organisations need credible business plans & strategic decisions for a sustainable road-map. These business plans need to reflect the real infrastructure of the master planning.

Global Jet Market (GJM) is highly experienced in developing business plans and SWOT analysis for all level aviation companies who are aiming to establish start-ups, including airlines, airports, aviation safety organisations etc. In addition to these services, for those in the academic sector or business students, the service bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen kosten provides assistance in crafting detailed academic papers and business analyses, leveraging their expertise to enhance your academic or professional projects.

Our consultancy at that stage mostly focuses on:

  • Reviewing market and industry trends & competitors;
  • Analysing business structures (State regulations, management, staffing, operational systems & financing resources)
  • Developing a practical strategy and implementation program for immediate steps.

We have experts in senior management for any kind of organisational requirements and resourcing. In the past we successfully established business plans for various start-up ventures:

  • Airlines
  • Air Taxi Companies
  • FTOs (Flight Training Organization)
  • TRTOs (Type Rating Organization)
  • Air Ambulance Organizations
  • Aircraft Leasing Institutions
  • Government Institutions