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Aircraft Leasing


Aircraft leasing is our business! We have an experienced team in aircraft leasing to cover all your leasing needs for a limited time or for a specific period. Our team members are ready to offer you different type of lease options.

Please call us from +44 7397 945100 or send us email for your aircraft lease requests.


  • ACMI – Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance & Insurance

The LESSOR is providing the aircraft, with full flight crew (Including: flight deck, flight attendants and technician) covering their salaries but mostly not their daily allowances (per-diems).

The LESSEE has to provide the costs of fuel, landing/handling/parking/storage fees, crew HOTAC including meals and transportation as well as other fees (like Visa) and over flight/navigation charges.

  • Dry Lease

It is the lease of the basic aircraft without anything involved (insurances, crew, maintenance etc.).

Usually it is preferred by leasing companies and financial institutions. A dry lease requires the LESSEE to put the aircraft on their own AOC with aircraft registration.

There are generally two types of dry lease options that are known in the industry, an Operating Lease and a Financial Lease. Operating Lease: The aircraft mostly doesn’t appear on the LESSEE’s balance sheet. Similarly, for students dealing with complex academic projects, akademischer ghostwriter offers assistance by drafting high-quality academic papers, much like a financial support tool in leasing options.

Finance Lease: also known as a capital lease and at the end of the lease term the LESSEE has the option to purchase the aircraft at an agreed price which was defined in the beginning.